Lighting Up Our Lives

bible_lamp.jpgYour word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. – Psalm 119:105

Sun scorched days were quite common in sizzling Texas.  Welcoming a cooler night, Amy Sanders headed home from work. Uncomfortable darkness seemed to be waiting to grasp Amy in every tree and bush.  Something seemed amiss and for the first time she sensed danger lurking within close proximity. Passing her nonsense off to watching too many scary movies, she scrambled for her keys. Unable to shake off her fear, she wished she could walk straight through her door to the safe comfort of her home. Remembering she had a battery operated light in her purse, the bright light calmed her fears as she entered her cozy home.

Heaven’s welcome mat is far away and many will have to trudge through life for some time before they reach it. Human nature makes us fear our future, provisions, death and the list goes on. Learning to trust God is certainly not embedded into our daily walk.

One of the benefits of being a child of God is much like having a light in the dark. His word provides the nourishment to our souls in our time of needs. When you spend time focusing solely on Him, fears, past hurts, anger and sorrow all dissipate leaving room for joy. This action is not by our power but by our willingness to seek God and let Him harvest comfort in our lives.

 by Ann Reilley

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