What the Bible Says About Angels

For He will order His angels to protect you wherever you go. – Psalms 91:11

While the contemporary, commercial and stereotypical representation of angels is the gentle, white-robbed, youth with beautiful features, glowing haloes and feathery wings, the Bible actually gives a much different description of the Heavenly host, full of purpose and power. Angels are the messengers of God, bringing words of warning and heralds of joy. They are weathered warriors of the Lord, fierce and strong, wielding swords of flame, dealing death and destruction as the arm of God’s wrath. They are also protectors of His creation, leading the army before us or moving stealthily undercover among us. Whether waring with Satan or wrestling with man, His mighty angels guard, defend, and destroy at God’s command, soldiers borne to worship and obey their conquering King!

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