The Fifth Sunday of Lent – Thank You for the Cross

How do we really say thank you to someone that saved our lives through the sacrifice of His own? Not merely trading places, but enduring the very worst of pain, suffering, sorrow, humiliation, death, and the gates of Hell, to ensure a chance for us to never again be alone in our life or death. The debt we owe to Christ can never be repaid, but we can say thank you in every act of love and service performed in His name. Share His story and ensure that every generation has the opportunity to know a life of relationship with Him.

Prayer Starter

Thank you for accepting me as Your child, bringing me into Your family, offering me a place in Your Kingdom. Once on the outside, You brought me to the inside of Your love. Help me commit myself to sharing Your love with others who do not know what they are missing.

Delve Deeper

Too often, Christians inadvertently end up huddling together within our churches, denominations, even cliques, building barriers between Christ and the “outside” world. We are called to reach out to others with His message, but it is easier, less painful or threatening to stay safely on the inside. During this week, read the book of Luke in any version of the Bible you prefer. This writer, Luke the doctor, was a Gentile (a non-Jew) and as such, really noticed the “outsiders” that Jesus touched in His ministry, since that was his own story. He seems to be the champion of those who were not part of the Jewish culture or the establishment: women, people of different races or persons discarded because of physical disability. With Christ’s example fresh on your mind, reach out to others this week and share His message in kind and simple ways. This is why Jesus made His journey through the cross as the ultimate sacrifice, so that everyone might know God’s love and be saved. Be part of His mission.

-Sue Breland, Journey Through the Cross: Meditations for Lent ©

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