Remember the Gideons?

Gideons International

Walk into any hotel room in the United States, pull open the drawer of the bedside table, and you will very likely find a Bible.  Those of us who have many Bibles just laying around the house, may overlook that significance.  It is the Word of God – powerful, immutable, transformational – and freely available to every person that opens that drawer. The Gideons did that.

Getting those Bibles and New Testaments in those drawers, not to mention into drawers and hands in 190 other countries since 1908, however, is not free.  The members of Gideons International are still giving their time, money and influence to raise funds and reach out to hotels, businesses and other organizations in order for them to insert God’s Word into the traffic lanes of life.  As business people, they have a unique ministry opportunity. They are able to carry out the Great Commission in places where churches, denominations and other ministries often cannot go as they live and work in communities throughout the world. Perhaps more than many organizations, the Gideons embody the 21st century Church as it was meant to be – sharing the Gospel in tangible ways – living Christianity through their business life in the real world of needy people.

We can be a part of the Gideons International mission.  We can GIVE – to support the purchase of Bibles and Testaments for billions of hands around the world. We can READ the Bible – so that we are ready to respond in support of God’s Word when we meet with an opportunity.  We can PRAY – for more opportunities to reach people with the Gospel and that hearts will be touched and lives changed.

Here’s an investment with a 100% return assured:

 “It is the same with my word. I send it out, and it always produces fruit. 

It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it.

– Isaiah 55:11

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