Celebrate Lent – Day 8


Today’s Scripture:  Luke 19:45-48

It is written, My house is the house of prayer,
but you have made it a den of thieves…

Read Luke Chapter 19

The Angry Master

While in Jerusalem, Jesus visited the temple where He saw the daily activity of trade being carried out as the merchants sold animals and other things needed for the sacrifice at inflated prices. This was very displeasing to Him.  He drove them out as He admonished the merchants and also those who bought from them. He then taught daily there, but the chief priests and scribes and the leaders of the people did not like this so they sought to kill Him, but were unsuccessful. But all the people listened to Him. Jesus is looking into the temple today and is still finding the same thing happening. He wants us to cleanse His temple and return to proper worship. The temple that He is looking at is the temple of our hearts. Is our heart clean enough for Him?

Prayer Starter

Merciful Master –
Make us clean for You, Lord, at this Easter time.

– Rev. Barry K. McFarlane

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