Celebrate Lent – Day 17

248375108_747a376a6f.jpgToday’s Scripture:     Dueteronomy 32:39

 …neither is there any that can deliver out of My hand.   

Read Psalm 33

Facing Uncertainty With a Song

The people of Israel were facing an uncertain future.  Behind them were years of slavery in Egypt, a mighty deliverance over the Red Sea, forty years of wilderness wanderings with God supplying their every need. Now, Moses was about to be taken from them. Another, Joshua, would become their leader.  God told Moses to write a song to remind the people of the covenant made between God and His people.  This song reminded the people of both the rewards of serving God and the punishments of failing to do so. (Duet.32: 1-43)

One of the aspects of worship is music.  As we sing together, we are reminded of God’s great goodness to us.  Often we are challenged to be faithful to our God.  Many times the words to a familiar hymn will comfort us in a time of need.  God still uses music to help His people remember  His Word and His goodness as we each face our own uncertain futures.

Prayer: Starter

Dear Father –
As I remember your blessings,
help me to sing your praises with a grateful heart.

– Fae Jones

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