Celebrate Lent – Day 19


Today’s Scripture:    Romans 8:28

We know that all things work together for good to them that love God.

Read Romans Chapter 8

                                                                 Through the Storms

I have had many storm clouds come my way.  I keep this poem on my refrigerator and it reminds me that in every storm, God is there for me.

– Shirley Blomquist

Storm Clouds

By Beverly J. Anderson

I cannot say that I am glad when storm clouds come,
When days and nights are burdensome and long.
I like the peacefulness of sunny days
When life is bright and in my heart’s a song


And yet … I know .
the wisdom I have learned
Or any courage that my life displays
Was never gained in golden sunlit hours
But rather grew from dark and stormy days.


I’ve felt God’s presence closer ‘mid the storm
As I relied on Him to guide my way
And through my trials found a stronger faith
Enabling me to better face each day.


And so, I would not ask God NOT to send
Those testings fashioned by His loving hand;
For ALL things work together for my good
And things once questioned … now I understand.

Prayer Starter

Thank you, God –
For Your love and understanding that helps me grow through the storms.



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