Celebrate Lent – Day 24

248375108_747a376a6f.jpgToday’s Scripture:    Luke 2:30

For my eyes have seen Your salvation, which You have prepared in the sight of all people. 

Read Luke Chapter 2

The Joy of Worshiping God

In the 2nd chapter of Luke we find the moving story of Simeon. He was a godly man who longed to see God’s glory displayed on earth. (v.32). Simeon had been assured by the spirit of God that he would not die before seeing God’s son, Jesus.  What a great privilege was given to this man as this revelation came to pass. Simeon held Jesus in his arms and praised God for the Savior of the world – the Messiah, the Prince of peace, the Great I am, the bright and morning star, and Lord of all.

When we consider the greatness of His salvation and its working in our life, we can only lift our hands and praise Him. We have been given a purpose and meaning in this life and an eternal future in Heaven with God and His Son Jesus. We too can say, “My eyes have seen Your salvation.”  He came to redeem us and set our souls free. He did not deserve the punishment He endured, but He did it all for the love He has for you and for me. Let your heart worship Him today and let your life radiate joy and enthusiasm so that others too will experience the joy of His salvation.

Prayer Starter

Lord – We acknowledge Your Son Jesus as He who takes away our sins and gives us eternal life.
Thank you for Your mercy and grace. Daily, Lord, teach us Your ways.

– Melba Davila

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