Celebrate Lent – Fifth Sunday


True Freedom

It’s in the constitution, in the pledge, in songs, people fight for it, and we all want to be free from slavery, poverty and ignorance. And with all’s that is going on today with the political wars, individual rights may be an afterthought. But the scripture tells us that there is another kind of freedom – freedom from the power of sin, a freedom to know and serve God. Some of the early Jews thought it was a birthright. Instead, true freedom comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ. There is a liberation from enslavement to sin and death.

I guess we have all struggled with sin and the feeling of oppression in our lives. All we need to do is to “hold to his teachings” through the power of the Holy Spirit and become His true disciples in thought, word and deed.

  – Charlie Schnabel

Consider Prayer

On Easter Sunday 2007 it was estimated that 2 billion Catholic, Protestant and Eastern Orthodox Christians read, recited, or sang the Lord’s Prayer in hundreds of languages. Although many theological differences and various modes and manners of worship divide Christians, according to Fuller Seminary professor Clayton Schmit “there is a sense of solidarity in knowing that Christians around the globe are praying together…, and these words always unite us.

 Americans and Prayer

 88% of Americans Pray
82% believe in the healing power of prayer
78% say prayer is an important part of daily life
63% pray often
25% pray occasionally
65% believe they have had specific prayers answered
79% say praying speeds recovery

– (C) 2009 Barna Research Group

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