Celebrate Lent – Day 29


Today’s Scripture:    Psalm 127:3

Children are a gift from the Lord;
they are a reward from Him.

Read 1 Samuel Chapters 1-2

The Gift of Being a Mom

I feel my children are a gift from God.  I have been so blessed by them throughout my life.  To keep a happy family, you have to support, encourage and love them.  Family time is so important to me.  We love to eat, laugh and have fun together and we do it often.

When they lost their dad (at a very young age), I did my best to take good care of them.  When they lost their stepdad – they took good care of me!  What a reward and blessing.  There is no doubt about it, children are a gift from God and everyday, as a mom, they bring a new lesson in love.

Prayer Starter

Dear Bringer of Life –
I love being a mom. Thank you for my children.
Help me to model Your love to them and teach them about You by the way I live my life before them.

– Shirley Blomquist

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