Celebrate Easter Sunday

Celebrate the Risen Christ!

248375108_747a376a6f.jpgToday’s Scripture:    John 20:20

…the disciples were overjoyed when they saw the (resurrected) Lord.

Easter is all about LIFE: new life, whole life, abundant life, redeemed life and restored life.  It is life triumphant over death forever.  I like to hear a Christian tell me “I am going to live forever.”  On Easter we are reminded that the struggle between life and death is over.  Jesus said, “He who believes in Me shall not die.”

The resurrection of Christ gives us this new life. When I see lives that were broken and torn to pieces – now restored and experiencing joy and contentment – I see the power of the resurrection. I see despair rolled away, opening a new path to hope. I see delusions rolled away, along with its “I wish…” and “I need…” mentality. The resurrection teaches us that we can shed our shrouds for everyday living, working, relaxing clothes.

Like the disciples, we too will be overjoyed when we see the resurrected Christ. The resurrection reminds us that miracles do happen in our lives everyday.

Prayer Starter

Lord and Risen Christ –
Thank you for the miracle of the resurrection.
May we also rise to a newness of life. 

– Rev. Gilbert Davila

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