From the Mountain Through the Valley…

AftPraise Resurrectioner a “mountain top” experience such as Easter – where worship is spectacular, families are gathered together, and everyone is on an emotional high – it can be a steep drop down the hill.  It’s natural, our lives are made of highs and lows – we couldn’t live in a constant adrenaline rush – our bodies were not created for that condition.  How could we truly appreciate beauty and excitement if it was the same everyday?

Jesus’ last week, as recorded in the Bible, clearly demonstrates the roller coaster of a triumphant entry into Jerusalem, clearing the temple of the money changers, intimate times with His friends,  sincere sorrow and prayer in Gethsemane, arrest, torture, humiliation, death, silence and glorious resurrection! What a ride in seven days.  And in all this, Jesus shows us He’s still there.  In every circumstance, both joyous and tragic, He is there.

And He is still here for us today, the days after Easter, through the long hot summer and every day.  Remember the mountain as you trek through the valley.  You’re never alone.

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  1. Web Admin says:

    What a sad and emotionally moving yet glorious week! Praise the Lord for His unconditional and everlasting love! To God is the Glory!

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