It’s Never Too Late to Learn!

Improvisational Piano Class 4.18.10

It is always exciting to learn something new – at any age.  Adult students at First Church are excited to take their basic musical knowledge and send it to a new level. Fae Jones’ improvisational piano classes are underway and the students are really enjoying the challenge.

A mind that learns leads to a healthy brain.  Music stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain, activating its creative and imaginative thinking.  In addition to exercising one’s mental health, playing the piano keeps fingers nimble and wrists flexible.

A student said, “Thank you sooo- much! I am attending this class and it is wonderful and fun. Fae, you are a great teacher and I am having a blast learning.”  Think about joining the fun, or inviting your friends.  Better yet, it’s always more fun to learn together.

This five week session runs through May 16.  Watch for a new session this summer.  Register at on the “Contact Us” page.

Students help each otherFae and the Improvisational Piano ClassWorking together

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