3 Minutes to Live By – “Ministry”

DelivCharlie Schnabelered by Charlie Schnabel at Austin First Church of God May 2, 2010

Prayer is an important ministry. What do I mean by ministry? I believe ministry is “serving.”  In a way, we can all be ministers to some extent.  Here in our church, we have various kinds of ministers and various kinds of ministries.

For instance, Shirley’s ministry is being a leader on the Church Board of Trustees – and when she is not busy doing that job, she is in the kitchen.  There is the ministry of keeping the church yard.  That ministry has kept the King’s, Count and others busy. Sue has a unique ministry of keeping our church boat on course.  Ann also has a unique ministry at the sound board.  Serving on Committees provide ministry opportunities for many of us.  Junior church is a ministry as is leading the older youth group.

The fellowship of church dinners is one ministry we all love. That reminds me of the Kindergarten teacher who asked the students to bring something related to their families’ religion to class.  One little boy said, “I am a Muslim and this is my prayer rug.”  A girl said, “I am Jewish and this is my Star of David.” Another shared that, “I am Catholic and this is my rosary.”  The last little boy came up and said, “I go to the Church of God and this is my covered dish.”

We can all be ministers of some aspect of God’s work.  2nd Timothy 4:5 implores us to “Fulfill your ministry”.  We can’t all be the “Main Minister” like Pastor Gil or the others who step up to fill the pulpit when called on like Reverend Barbara McFarland.  But be it large or small, we should all seek out a spot where we can fulfill our part in ministry.

There was the little boy trying to do his part.  He was filling in a hole in his back yard and his neighbor was looking over the fence.  “What are your doing?” he asked.  The little boy said, “my goldfish died and I just buried him.” “That’s an awfully big hole for a goldfish, isn’t it?” the neighbor asked. Reluctantly the boy answered, “Well, that’s because he’s inside your cat!”

Doing our part, serving in the ministry that we are gifted to do. One final thought comes to me this morning — Count’s prayers before collecting the morning offering are a ministry to me as we give our gifts back to God.

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