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For Such a Time As This” is the theme of this year’s National Day of Prayer, and perhaps never more timely than today.  While Christian principles and practices can be ruled against in the highest courts and legislated out of  American life, prayer can never be taken away from a Christian life. Perhaps it is smug, but I have to smile when I say that no one, no law, no government or judge can restrict me from praying – anytime, anywhere, any way.  I prayed in my school, I prayed in my car, I prayed in City Hall and I’ll no doubt pray there again.

Sometimes it is my secret, sometimes it is my secret weapon.  They may not know it, they may not want it – but I”ll pray for my enemies, for those who hate me and want to do me harm – so there, take that!  I’ll pray for those that don’t know Him, or don’t care to know Him, or intentionally ignore Him.  And when God moves in their lives, in a way they don’t understand, I’ll pray that I or someone is there to help them along.

On this National Day of Prayer – regardless of impediments – I’ll pray.

I’ll revolt – I’ll pray – and I’ll encourage you to do the same.

Be a rebel – PRAY TODAY!

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For true Christians, prayer is “communion with God”. Through prayer we actually experience relationship with God. The quality of our prayer life then determines the quality of our relationship with God. Prayer is talking with God. Prayer is listening to God. Prayer is enjoying the presence of God. It can take many forms – for example: worship, confession, thanksgiving, praise, petition and waiting.  Prayer is not simply saying words. It is not repeating formulas. God is looking for heartfelt relationship. We are told by Jesus not to make meaningless repetitions of words when we pray.

Why do we pray?

1. We pray because we love God. We spend time with God in prayer and communion because we love him.  If we love God – we will desire to be with Him and to fellowship with Him in proportion to our love for Him.

2. We pray because we depend on God. God is our source. He is our life.  Through prayer we receive the comfort, the strength and all the other resources that we need in life – both naturally and spiritually. Prayer – relationship to God – is as necessary to the spiritual life as air to the natural life.

3. We need to pray in order to resist temptation. “Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation,” says Mathew 26:41.  Much sin is the result of the sin of prayerlessness. Through lack of prayer, we are weak, others are weaker and Satan gains the advantage in our lives.

4. We need to pray because it is necessary for us to invite God to act in salvation. We must invite God to work here. If no-one invites God to work here, Satan will dominate the affairs of men and eventually the judgment of God will come. By inviting God often and specifically, multitudes can be saved that would otherwise be lost.

5. We need to pray because God commands us to pray. “Continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with thanksgiving.” The need to pray is as great as the authority of God which commands us: “Pray without ceasing.” Prayer is vital to all that God wants to do on the earth, and so essential to us, that God commands us to do it all the time.

The people who make a difference for God are those who are people of prayer. Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them. God is looking for people who willingly, out of gratitude, love and devotion, will devote themselves and their free time to this vital ministry.

From the National Day of Prayer Taskforce



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