The Lord’s Prayer – A Song in Your Heart

Sing it out The “Lord’s Prayer” is found in both the New Testament books of Matthew and Luke – important enough to be repeated by both these contemporaries and witnesses of Jesus Christ on earth.  While Jesus gave those lines as a model for prayers in general (“pray this way…” Matt 6:9), the words He chose and the rhythm of the verse is so beautiful, so lyrical, it is little wonder that this scripture was put to music and has been recorded so many, many times.

There is something about the Lord’s Prayer in song that so succinctly demonstrates is meaning and mood – from meditative and reverent, to its desperation and urgency, to the finality of the authoritative power that prevails. We know that King David and others in the Old Testament were masterful at translating prayer and praise into song.  There is something about singing such words, that attaches the meaning to ours souls, where we feel the words with a depth that can often not be experienced or expressed in any other way.

Teaching scripture through song is also a way of learning or memorizing important concepts that has been used throughout the ages, in many cultures, for many subjects (do you remember singing your ABC’s?). Scripture songs continue to be heard today in churches, youth camps and even the radio airwaves. It is moving to the singer, and a joy to the Father to hear prayer in song (even if it is just a “joyful noise” at best).

So, sing it out – whether in your heart or at the top of your lungs.  You just may be transformed.

Never too young to learn the Lord’s Prayer.

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