Live & Learn

Matthew 28:18-20

In a life time, no one has learned everything there is to learn. There is so much wisdom to be learned, so many ways for us to grow; therefore, we continue to open our minds to learning until the day we die. Within this passage we find the words, “Teach them to observe all that I command you” Jesus gives us a job to do.

To receive the best out of bible learning, try these three steps.

1.       Step one is the gathering of knowledge. This is the “Learn it” stage. It involves the intellect and produces “head knowledge”

2.       Step two involves the emotions and produces “heart knowledge” that is why we call this the “love it” phase.

3.       Step three involves the will which produces “hand knowledge” and leads us to the “live it” stage. When the truth of God’s word is taken in, it brings conviction and manifests itself in the actions of a transformed lifestyle that is when we know that we are doing the job that our Lord has commanded us to do.

Rev. Barbara McFarlane

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  1. Martha Ann Green says:

    Barbara’s message on the three step of live and learn teaches all to observe all that the Lord commands use to do. As we fellow God’s word and transformed lifestyle, do the job that the Lord has commanded us to do we are on the right track.

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