Infinitely Costly – Unconditionally Free

FreedomIf the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.     – John 8:36

How can one be “free” while living under oppression?  How can we experience freedom, while our bodies are in bondage?

We can and do have access to liberty, through the unconditional grace of Jesus Christ which inhabits the spirit and transcends all physical boundaries.  There are many that have all the “freedom” the world can supply, but are still bound by a spirit in chains to all the things their freedom can buy. True freedom comes only from within, from a soul unbridled and unburdened by a power greater than any government, tyrant, or fear.

As we celebrate our freedom today in America, spend just a few moments praying for those Christians around the world who have only their freedom in Christ to hold on too in their worlds of oppression and imprisonment.  Watch Freedom in Christ by clicking here.

To learn more about Christian persecution around the world and how to help, check out OpenDoorsUSA.

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