What’s Old is New Again

prayer.jpgThis season, the fashions of the 70’s are back – platform shoes, longer hair, side-burns, neon colors.  Most styles, from every decade, seem to make a come back – so we search in the back of the closet for some of those favorites that we just couldn’t let go of (or our daughters are digging them out of the attic!).

In the book of Ecclesiastes, King Solomon laments that “there is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9) and he seems to have a point.  We still find our ourselves having the same troubles, the same challenges, the same worries that people have experienced for thousands of years.  Will we ever learn? Probably not, that’s why we have an unchanging, ever-forgiving, God to help us through.

Some might say a Prayer Service is “old fashioned;” singing praise, praying for each others needs, testifying to how God has answered prayer and changed lives – but some things never go out of style.  Sometimes it’s just the packaging that changes to match the marketing trends of the day- but trends never follow a linear path forever.  Life is much more circular than it seems and “what goes around, comes around” over and over again.

At First Church, we recognize the need for a time of more intimate human experience.  People in our world have become so isolated, so separated, so virtual.  When we hurt, it is human touch that we crave – a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on, a ear to hear and understand.  We see so many reaching out through the internet, the airwaves,  or in more self destructive ways to get the attention they need.

To be a place of compassion, strength and safety, First Church is reviving an old tradition and making it new again.  On Wednesday evenings at 7 pm, join us for an interactive time of praise and worship, sharing personal needs and positive experiences, and bearing each others burdens to God’s heart.  With our team of Rev. Gilbert and Melba Davila, Reverends Barbara and Barry McFarlane, and the musical ministry of Rev. Tommy and Carma Grimes to serve you, your spirits will also be revived.

What is not new? When the needs are greatest, the Church responds.

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    May God be glorified in the efforts that are made to bless others.

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