Are There Any Miracles Anymore?

Seek and you will findWe no longer see Your miraculous signs. All the prophets are gone, and no one can tell us when it will end.  – Psalm 74:9

If we’re not seeing miracles, it’s likely that we’re not looking.  When we live without the possibility of wonder, our world is smaller, our vision shorter and our faith weaker.   Our dependence on only what we can see, our hardness of heart and our pervasive skepticism can blind us to all that God has for us.

We continue to struggle through uncertain times.  All the voices around us – chattering in the media, arguing in the houses of politics, and even rattleing around in our own brains – just keep spinning around and ’round without answer, solution or comfort.

Strengthen your faith in our good and loving God.  He is the only viable light in our dark and stormy night.  He invites you to test Him.  Begin looking for miracles and you will see them emerge all around you.

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