Connecting Beyond the Conference: The Concilio is in the House!

Worship Director continues to blog from the joint conference of the Christian Women Connection and the National Association Women of the Church of God.

Melba Davila at the CWC Conference in Greensboro NC Oct 2, 2010He was given authority, honor, and sovereignty over all the nations of the world, so that people of every race and nation and language would obey him. His rule is eternal—it will never end. His kingdom will never be destroyed.  – Daniel 7:14

The Church of God movement, headquartered in Anderson Indiana, is a multiethnic, multicultural, multigenerational fellowship of Christian believers, so rich in heritage and in love for each other and the world.  This weekend’s conference is so special as we celebrate our diversity of humaness and oneness of spirit.  We recognize that “churches” (notice the  lower case “c”) are but groups of people who enjoy similar worship styles and traditions which may be influenced by culture, geography, or ethnicity; all are valued by the Church of God. In this place, we bring together women of every age, nationality and race to share, sing, worship, and pray in our own ways, under one God.

On Saturday morning, we particularly celebrated the Hispanic culture, focusing on the important connection to our Spanish speaking family.  Not even language can block the free flow of praise to our Father who understands all tongues, hearts, and minds.  Mandy Bolm, the conference worship leader, helped us strengthen our bonds of unity through sharing praise in Spanish.

The speaker for the day’s Prayer Breakfast was Melba Davila, our particular favorite as part of the pastoral team at Austin First Church.  Melba brought a powerful and yet heartwarming testimony of her life; from a barefoot 5 year-old in south Texas, lured to Bible School by the promise of bubble gum, to a woman of God – seeking and serving Him – through pastoral ministry with her husband, Rev. Gilbert Davila, vocational education, and as a bridge across cultures.

Her message to all women was: Surrender, Seek & Search His Word, and Serve.  Surrender is the first, most important, and required step in hearing and following God’s call on our lives.  Without surrender, there is no path before us, nowhere to go.  How can we hear and know our individual call? By searching His Word, reading the Bible, fervently making the scripture our guide.  His Word not only points us in the direction He chooses for us, but equips us for the journey, giving us all the strength and comfort that may be required to succeed in the tasks He will lay before us.

And finally, we are saved to serve.  Our purpose is to serve Him by serving others in our world – at home and across the world.  We use the gifts He gives us as He directs us.  If we live, listen and learn through surrender and seeking Him by searching His Word – our service is revealed and perfected as only He can do.

See video clips of Melba’s message here.

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