Connecting Beyond the Conference: Collision Course

Worship Director continues to blog from the joint conference of the Christian Women Connection and the National Association Women of the Church of God.

Rev. Dr. Cynthia JamesSoon afterward Jesus went with His disciples to the village of Nain, and a large crowd followed Him. A funeral procession was coming out as He approached the village gate. The young man who had died was a widow’s only son, and a large crowd from the village was with her.  – Luke 7:11-12

Jesus and His disciples were on a collision course with the Widow of Nain and her crowd of mourners.  We are all  going to collide with the Savior -what will be the outcome?  Rev. Dr. Cynthia James brought a stirring and insightful message from this little New Testament story that holds such meaning in our lives even today.

We don’t know the widow’s name – but Jesus did.  She did not call for Him – but He showed up anyway.  The crowd surrounding her was mourning and crying, escorting a lifeless son, the end of her future and hope, out the gate and down the hill to the final resting place of her only beloved son.  The crowd with Jesus followed Him with joy and expectancy, up the hill and into the City where Life itself would continue to bless and amaze them with His presence, the only Begotten Son of God.

Perhaps in this moment, when Jesus met the Widow of Nain at the gate, He could foresee another mother, mourning the loss of a son, being carried to the tomb of Arimathia. Whatever the reason, as the groups collided, intermingling into a single swarming hive, Jesus saw her – really saw her – and stopped to meet her need.  First He told her “don’t cry,” not “don’t cry for now” or in an off the cuff way as we often tell our children when they fall and skin their knee, but in a way that meant “don’t cry anymore, everything will be alright from now on.”  Then Jesus touched the stretcher on which the dead man laid and returned him to life, to take his place in the land of the living and to end his mother’s pain.

We are all just like the Widow of Nain. We all experience pain and loss, everyone does.  Our future, outside the gates and our view, are uncertain, frightening, and clouded – but Jesus is just on the other side.  We, too, are on a collision course with Him. He shows up – whether we call for Him or not – and He can see us as no one else ever can.  Jesus will bring us back to life and give us a hope and a future.

There are no little stories in the Bible – all scripture is Bod breathed and inspired – and there is no one that is under God’s radar or beyond His desire to reach.  If He met the needs of the Widow of Nain, He will meet you and yours.

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