God’s Perfect Spirit

Several years ago the Davila’s youngest son, Steve, wrote a chorus and the lyrics blessed  then and still do.  The lyrics are “Lord, how perfect is Your spirit, constantly tunes my heart to Your own and lets me know that You are right here with me and will see me through until you take me home.

What a great assurance that God will lead us through His Holy Spirit.   Psalm 51:11 says “Do not cast me from Your presence or take Your Holy Spirit from me”.  When our spirit is synchronized to the Spirit of God, our life is made whole and thus our heart becomes a place where He wants to be. Someone once said- God can live anywhere in the universe, but He chooses to live in our heart.

Let us daily ask God to lead us and work His perfect will within us. May His Holy Spirit glow within our hearts and may others see Him in our daily life.

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