The Simple Truth

Linus Van Pelt

Isaiah 11:6   …. and a little child shall lead them.

It’s been said that “Christmas is for children,” or for “the child in all of us.” What is it about children that allows them, not just to absorb the joy and wonder of the season, but to exude its simple essence?

The Bible clearly and repeatedly speaks about childlike faith as a necessity to the Christian walk.  As we grow up, we grow out of our innocence, out of our ability to see life and love without the bias of peer pressure, conflicting emotions, and doubt.  Love is simple – we make it complicated.  Christmas is easy – we make it hard.

The greatest power in the universe came into our world as a child to show us how to love, to live, to endure and to make the most of the life we have been granted.  We contemplate it, analyze it, disassemble and over think it into submission to our preferred reality.

Need a reminder of what Christmas is all about? Watch here

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