Positive Preventive Action

Theater Action ProjectChanging Lives Youth Theatre Ensemble

During the Ladies Christmas Brunch on December 4, the partnership between SafePlace and the Theatre Action Project (TAP) was highlighted as a unique program to help prevent domestic and dating violence before it becomes a crisis.

Middle School and High School students create original interactive theatrical shows based on their own experiences with emotional or physical abuse and bullying. The companies then tour throughout the school year to educate their peers on topics like dating violence, immigration, healthy lifestyle choices and education.

Changing Lives Youth Theatre Ensemble is sharing their current play in progress. Come on down to support these AWESOME teen artists as they share their work with friends, family and community!

When:     Thu Dec 9 8pm – 10pm Central Time
Where:    Griffin School 710 E 41st St, Across from Hancock Center (map)

Check out more about the TAP Changing Lives Youth Theatre Ensemble.

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