“Imitation Island” Just in Time for Christmas

Author, Hope Harrington KolbAuthor Hope Harrington Kolb, a Church of God native, has written a new novel called “Imitation Island,” a suspenseful thriller.  Hope’s new book would make a great Christmas gift for any reader. Copies of her book will be available at Community Bible Fellowship – stop by or contact us to purchase a copy.

Synopsis:  Imitation Island is new American fiction, an inspirational mystery, full of suspense, adventure and intrigue set in Chicago and the South (Louisiana Cajun country) in the ‘sixties (1960’s) with no objectionable material. When a tiny girl is abandoned on the back pew of a church, with no identification except the name Avalon, the childless pastor and his wife gladly adopt her. Avalon Evans avoids her past like the plague until she sees a painting of the island and mansion that have haunted her nightmares for years, and she’s catapulted onto a twisted and terrifying path back to her baleful beginnings. Can the young woman Avalon has become rescue a family nearly destroyed by the love of money? Or will a long arm out of the past reach her first and succeed where it failed before?

Available NOW at Amazon.com.  At Community Bible Fellowship, the books are available for $15 for one, but the CHRISTMAS SPECIAL is 2/$25 and 3/$30!

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