God’s Indescribable Gift

Christmas is definitely a favorite holiday for many and without a doubt the best season of the year. The weather is usually a shade above normal and people everywhere are beginning to look over wish lists and travel to and fro trying to get that perfect gift for a loved one or a special friend. Other times we have a party to go to that suggests that we voluntarily bring a gift for the gift exchange game- whatever the case may be- we get pulled in to the gift giving phenomena. It is during this time of the year that we take notice of the newest and latest fashions or the most updated technology games and gadgets. We want our gift to be one that brings joy and is liked by and useful to the person receiving it.

Let us look closely on “God’s Indescribable Gift”.  Have you ever known of someone who does not like gifts- many of us may tell our family and friends- “please don’t go to any trouble getting a gift for me this year- I don’t need a thing- and when our family or our friends don’t give us a little something- and we receive nothing- we tend to feel left out. The spirit of giving and receiving is so strong during this time of year because God gave the best gift He had-His only son, Jesus and wants us to give Him our heart in return.

Gifts are special when given with a grateful and thankful heart and we should receive them in that way. It is understandable that we want to give gifts that meet the need of the receiver of that gift- God did just that- He knew we were in need of a Savior, a Counselor, a Redeemer, and a Prince of Peace-  He send us Jesus! Today,” Jesus is the Reason for the Season.” We  should want and have use for the special gift that God himself sent you and me years ago- That gift is what Christmas is all about. He gave us JESUS- That’s what this beautiful time of the year is all about.

What a relief and an un-stressful time this  would be if we all received this great and indescribable gift.  2Corinthians 9:15 says this “Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! We are to take it, treasure it, and share it with others.  Jesus, Jesus, Jesus- there is something about that name. When we search the scriptures, the Word of God, we learn that not one of us can come close to giving a gift that is as valuable, or as meaningful and worth as much as the gift God gave us and it is free- Yes-FREE- you don’t have to charge it to your credit card, pay interest next year or two to three years later, pay cash, or put it on a lay-a-way plan. It is in fashion today- the Designer is above all others.  He created all others and blesses them all with such creativity but He is the Great Designer of all time and holds all rights. His name should be stamp not on a design label but in the heart of every human being.  It is most definitely way ahead of the latest technology trends.  The satellite signal vehicles are but a speck of sand in comparison to the technical power engine that the creator and owner of all technical rights in the world and in the Universe has under His control. There is no power that travels to us on earth that is not by His permission. There is no air sound wave that travels to earth that are not approved by Him. He must sit on His throne and smile at many of us all day long. I can picture God on His throne saying to himself –“you invented what? When? How? You have the rights to what?

We pat ourselves on the back and boast about this and that and all along it is God who blesses us with gifts and talents that are to be used for His glory and in turn His promise is to bless us.  If we only acknowledge Him and give Him thanks for all  He so abundantly shares with us daily. If we would learn to be grateful stewards with all He entrusts in our hands. Our lives would be free from so much worry and stress.

He loves us. He waits. He cares. He is so patient with us. Wow! At His word everything in this make-up world would cease to exist. It has in the past and will someday. Only He knows when. He waits patiently.

The gift is for the young and for the old person on your list. It is a gift out of this world and no one is left out- everyone can receive this gift. If someone decides to re-gift it-well your heart is happy and content because you have shared it with a giving heart knowing that all other gifts are no match. This is a gift that keeps on giving. Take it- it is yours – You’ll enjoy it for an eternity. Merry Christmas!

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