The Extra Mile

bridgesign.jpgAbove all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. -1 Peter 4:8

Time and time again, we’ve heard the old saying, “You have made your bed, now lie in it.“ Human nature causes us to wallow in our anger and hang on to negative thoughts from circumstances and incidents in our lives. None of us feel well when harboring such thoughts, so why do we do it? Evil works to destroy.  Love works to restore. Why are we more comfortable reeling in darkness? Are we tricked into believing we deserved it? Love can be scary at this point. It is difficult to comprehend someone loving and accepting you unconditionally. We tend to hide in the shadows as we can’t fathom anyone, especially our mighty God, loving us when we’ve done nothing to deserve it.

Adam and Eve disobeyed and became aware of good and evil.  Did God leave them in the bed that they made? No, and more than that, He walked the extra mile. After they disobeyed, He could have told them to go sew their own clothing and cover themselves, but He didn’t.  He loved them and He made their clothing Himself. (Genesis 3:21) Was there another reason why God displayed this action? God’s love provided a complete covering for our sins through Jesus. The extra mile God walked also carries us through eternity.

Another lesson can be applied as well; God demonstrates love is the answer we all desire. Forgive, show love; walk that extra mile. This is certainly easier said than done. Forget yourself, ask for His help and watch with wonder what blessings God will display in your life.

– Ann Reilley

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