Hangin’-Out-around-the-Campfire Moments with God!

Focus 40  Day 31

Come near to God and he will come near to you… —James 4:8 NIV

What comes to your mind if I mention a hangin’-out-around-the-campfire moment? I remember
fondly the evening my young grandson Allen and I were sitting on log stools by our wood pile
splitting pine lighter kindling to start a fire. It was one of those tender, awesome times as we laughed
together and talked about a lot of grandpa–grandson kind of stuff! Allen said, “Now Grandpa, this is
what I like, just hangin’ out with you, splitting firewood, or anything else we do together!” Later that
evening, as the coals were dying down, after his mother had read his devotional book and prayed
with him, Allen asked me to come to his room, “Grandpa, let’s read another devotional and pray.” I
thought, “It doesn’t get any better than this!” That’s a hangin’-out-around-the-campfire moment —
with a grandkid, a daughter, my wife, friends, and especially with my Lord Jesus. It’s a place where
love and intimacy are kindled between us and those who are special to us—a place to come near to God
and he will come near to you.

One of the most beautiful pictures of a hangin’-out-around-the-campfire-with-God moment
is in 2 Samuel 23:13–17. King David and his bodyguard camped out in a cave, hiding from Philistine
soldiers besieging Bethlehem. David lamented, “I wish I had a drink of water from the well at the
gate of Bethlehem!” Instantly, in a dramatic demonstration of loyalty to their king, three of David’s
finest soldiers headed for the well at Bethlehem. They fought their way through the Philistine
garrison and brought a container of water to David. As they handed him the water—for which they
had risked their lives—David was deeply moved by their loyalty, courage, commitment, and
strength. He said, “I can’t drink this water,” and he poured it out as an offering to the Lord. A
simple wish turned into an awesome time of worship.

David’s words were not a command or a request, but a wish. Because of his men’s devotion
to him, his wish became their desire, and they fulfilled it, because they loved and respected him.
Spending quality time together, they could regroup and prepare to defeat the enemy that threatened
to attack their city. That was a hangin’-out-around-the-campfire-with-God moment. We need to
create more of those moments with our Lord, when we just hang out with him, listening to his
heart’s desires, sharing things that are important to him and us. The spiritual disciplines of studying
the Word, prayer, and fasting are wonderful opportunities for sharing hangin’-out-around-the-campfire-
with-God moments—places to come near to God and he will come near to you.

Lord, this is what I desire, more of those Hangin’ Out around the Campfire with You Moments – times of coming
near to you, and you coming near to me –where love and intimacy are kindled between us. Empower me, Lord, by
your Son, to become all you created me to be, and energize me, Lord, to accomplish all you call me to do. Amen.

– Dr. Sam Bruce, President, Sam & Sandie Bruce Ministries; Pastor, Hope Point Church, Pearl, Mississippi

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