An Easter Heart

He [Jesus] led them out of the city over to Bethany.  Raising His hands He blessed them and while blessing them, took His leave, being carried up to heaven.  And they were on their knees, worshiping Him.  They returned to Jerusalem bursting with joy!  – Luke 24:50-52

Jesus had been crucified, died before their eyes, and raised to life again. They had experienced days of despair and confusion, as well as wonder and joy.  But now what? Could they go back to the way things were before?  What was “business as usual?” No, nothing would ever be the same again.  Jesus led them out of the city – out of their comfort zone, out of familiar territory. He blessed them, giving them everything they would need to go on without His physical presence among them.

Now it was up to them, they could either leave the “Easter experience” behind them or make Easter the very beat of their hearts, the blood that would pump through their veins and sustain them.  It was a new beginning which they started on their knees, worshiping Him, and the result was the ability go back into their world “bursting with joy!” Will your heart beat with Easter tomorrow?

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