Maximized Living Make-Over

Join Dr. Kelsie Keen at Community Bible Fellowship on Saturday, May 14, 10am – 1pm, for a 3 hour session on the 5 Essentials for maximized living. Improve your health – improve your ability to serve God.

The 5 Essentials are the core foundation of Maximized Living. Without any of these Essentials, you are unable to live a long, healthy and fulfilled life that you are meant to live. Each of these Essentials work together to keep your cells in optimal shape and your body functioning at its highest levels. If you only focus on one of these essentials, such as exercise, you are leaving out other core elements that keep your body healthy.

While each of the 5 Essentials may make sense to you at a high level, there are many things that you may not know. Get to know each of the following essentials and understand how they all work together and need to be practiced from the moment you wake up until the time you go to sleep each night.

Tickets are $30 per person which includes the workshop book of information, action steps and recipes for you.  All remaining proceeds benefit CBF. Contact Us for more information or for tickets.  Invite your friends!

Read more about Maximized Living here

Watch a video here to learn more

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