Freely Given, Freely Give

flag86.jpgGive as freely as you have received! – Matthew 10:8

We have so much in America.  Most of us have incredibly more than most of the people in the world: more currency, more opportunity, more freedom. Many of us take all this for granted –we work hard for it –  we deserve it.  Yet, let’s pause for just a moment this Independence Day, to acknowledge that the freedom we enjoy is not free.  That many throughout our history risked everything, indeed paid all, to build the legacy we inherited – some we know, many we don’t.

The most precious gifts are those we don’t deserve, like God’s grace or the freedoms we enjoy by someone else’s sacrifice.  The best we can do is to live a life of gratitude; humble in our acceptance of these gifts and generous in extending to others the blessings that we have been graciously granted.

– Sue Harrington Breland, Worship Director

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