The Wings of a Sunset Moth

A Sunset MothEvery good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.  – James 1:17

Treasure hunting in the insect world for the spectacular Sunset Moth, is well worth the time invested. From different angles, shifting positions, its movement displays an array of fascinating colors. However, the wings of a Sunset Moth don’t actually have any pigmentation. The colors are a refraction of light from micro-ribbon in the wings. When we take time to explore our world from the microscopic to astronomic, we begin to comprehend God’s extensive imagination.

In further thought, God didn’t leave us living in a world where we just sat in wonder and amazement of His completed works. He gave us the gift of imagination. Where would we have been if Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and many other great inventors chose to hold on to their gifts?

What are your gifts? Can you teach? Would your talent be the foundation in Christ that a young leader needs? Are you gifted in prayer? Are you the answer to the hope of those in need? How about encouragement? Are you the light in someone’s dark world? These are simple gifts, but important seeds. Will someone in the future refer to you as their seedling of success?

– Ann Reilley

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