In The Headlights

headlight.jpgHeadlights were introduced to drivers in the late 1880s and fueled by acetylene or oil. Acetylene was more popular because the flame was resistant to wind and rain. Though a certain necessity in darkness; oncoming headlights can deter your safe driving skills. Like a deer, our first instinct is to look into the lights. Our advancement in the auto industry has been remarkable in all aspects but one. We still have a time with the oncoming headlights.

Liken this to advancement with Christ. Are we conforming to his remarkable likeness as commanded? Are you in the drivers seat or are you being Spirit led? When we venture out on our own, our presentation of God’s love and promises can be like headlights in someone’s eyes. Granted that God’s word can penetrate for the good of all, we must be prayerfully careful on our approach. In order to run smoothly, we must be in tip top shape both spiritually and physically. Obedience in staying in tune to God’s word daily is easily done with a maintenance schedule.

You will be surprised how well your day will run if you start out reading and studying God’s word. However, looking to the true Light to benefit our life is definitely not instinctive. We tend to run instead. Saying no to the triple chocolate brownie on top of creamy vanilla ice cream, smothered in hot fudge topping is on the most difficult list. Saying yes to exercise instead is completely absurd for many. However, tuning our bodies in all aspects will makes us winners in the race of life. What’s your choice today?

 by Ann Reilley

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