Coming to Us from the Mercy Seat

I will commune with you there and talk to you from above the Mercy Seat… From there I will give you my commands for the people of Israel. -Exodus 25:22

handsIn the Old Testament, the “Mercy Seat” is described as the place where God would meet with man.  For only there, could imperfect, unworthy human-kind connect with an omnipotent and holy God, without being destroyed by His power – where His mercy would protect them.

God has always made a way for communion between man and Himself – but this was not personal enough.  He went to extraordinary lengths to bring His mercy to everyone in all the world – anytime, anywhere. By giving Himself as atonement for our imperfections, covering us with His grace, He made it possible for us to commune with Him freely and without fear. To break bread with Him, the most human of acts, mundane but necessary to life; to share His cup and drink Him in as friends.

From the Mercy Seat to the best seat in the house, communion with God has never been better!

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