Remembering All Saints

ows-smaller.jpgBut those who came before us will teach you. They will teach you the wisdom of old. – Job 8:10

The Community Bible Fellowship Outdoor Worship Center is a special place.  There, we are surrounded not just by limestone and bricks, walls and gates, but by the sweet memories of loved ones and old friends whose engraved names represent them there.  They are a “great cloud of witnesses” who prayed the foundation of our fellowship into existence. It is their faithfulness that surrounds us and, by their example, that we will walk through the gates of Heaven.

Many of those we remember in the Outdoor Worship Center have gone on before us and are leading the way. Others still take us by the hand and teach us if we will listen. We honor them the most by learning from the love they shared for others, for our fellowship, and for the work of God.  Give to your local church in honor, and in the spirit of that love.

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