COG in Angola Nearly Registered!

The Church of God at Cabinda, AngolaJim and Dulci Doty, missionaries to Luanda, Angola, report that, “The Church of God in Angola is in the process of finalizing the documentation for registration of the church in Angola. It has been a difficult road but we are optimistic that registration can be obtained in the next few weeks.  We need to provide identification of all the members such as ID Cards, Birth Certificates, or Drivers Licenses and have them authenticated by a notary. We will process several thousand identification documents in the next week or so to be able to present them to the Ministry of Justice for registration of the church.

Of course there is some expense for the church to process the IDs with a notary which we expect to be about $700 to $1000 usd to complete the authentication which is actually a discount over the actual cost.  We appreciate your prayers and support.”

If you would like to help with the expenses for this important step for the church in Angola, you may contact:

Church of God Ministries
Project ID: 42.30991
Be sure to mark for “Angola COG Missions”

You may also contact CBF to make donations to this ministry. Let’s be sure to continue to support these missionaries and their mission in our prayers!

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