Four Things to Focus on in Fasting

religious-15.jpgAs you begin the Focus 40 devotional season, realizing that fasting is something we need to grow into, here are four things we need to remember in the practice of fasting.

1.  F—Focus on God
What should be our primary reason for fasting? We fast to focus on God, to cultivate intimacy with him. When we truly seek him, we will find him (Jer 29:13). What would prove to be the wrong focus for fasting? When we do it to impress people; this leads to pride. (Matt 6:16) When we do it, not out of love for God, but as a duty to follow a set of rules; this leads to legalism. (Matt 9:14–17)

2.  A—Ask God
Why do we need to ask God? Because he wants us to come to him and ask. He delights when we ask, for it shows humility and God-dependence rather than self-reliance (Heb 11:6). It proves that we have faith in him. We come to him believing that he is greater than our needs and that he is a rewarder of those who seek him.

3.  S—Submit to God
What can we expect when we fast? We can expect to hear him better. God will speak to us and will answer in response to our prayers and queries. And what does God expect when we hear him clearly in a fast? Obey what he says.

4.  T—Transformation
What is transformation’s relation to fasting? It should be the end-result of fasting. Fasting is useless without real life-change. Because fasting brings us into deeper intimacy with God, our love for him should also grow, which should enable us to obey what he commands. As we are changed, we must help others change, by witnessing for Christ.

– Rev. Randy Montgomery, Chair, Transformation Team Connect/Refresh; Online Instructor, Mid-America Christian University

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