Reflection: Transforming Hearts…Transforming Lives!

religious-15.jpgThe Transformation Team Cultivate/Refresh is delighted to present these Focus 40 Devotionals for Adults for your reflection as we approach the 2012 Easter season. As we prayed together and privately, and as we discussed our theme for this year, we believed that God was leading us to focus on transforming lives, Christ Followers helping people find their way home to God. As we prayerfully reflected on that idea, we believed God led us to the theme Transforming Hearts…Transforming Lives….!

As we prayerfully selected the writers for the devotionals, we gave them some specific guidelines for them, in keeping with the theme. We asked for a relevant Scripture passage to anchor their thoughts in the life transforming Word of God. We asked that they share a story that illustrates life transformation in Christ because someone prayed, fasted, loved, served, witnessed to people, and modeled the unconditional, unlimited, unmatched love of God. We wanted them to relate to the Great Commission and/or the Great Commandments.

Then, we asked for a prayer that flows through the story, Scripture, or theme. We said that we want the fire and excitement, the thrill and ecstasy of Transforming the Culture by Being the Body of Christ; the joy of new life in Christ; the fruit of prayer, fasting, loving, witnessing, serving, modeling. We have prayed for God’s anointing on the writers and those who read the stories. As you read them, you may find yourself or someone you love in them; when you do, ask God what He wants to do in your life or their lives as a result of the story’s message. Invite others to share the stories with you. Tell them. E-mail them. Mail them. Facebook them. Twitter them. Read them in person to others. Be blessed by them! Enjoy them! Let us know your stories of how God uses these stories in your life or others you share them with. Spread the joy of partnering with God in Transforming Hearts…Transforming Lives!

Unpacking the Focus 40 Devotions. . . Transforming Hearts…Transforming Lives . . !
When you read the following Focus 40 Daily Devotions and focus on their message to you, you might want to spend a few minutes unpacking them, writing their meaning to you in your journal. Here are some reflection starters for you to consider:

1. What would the implementation of this devotional thought look like in your life? Are you there yet? What are your dreams regarding this concept?

2. What, if anything, keeps this from being real in your life? What changes—in attitudes, actions, motives, desires, and habits—would need to occur for God to accurately reproduce his character in you?

3. Reflecting on the Focus 40 theme, Transforming Hearts…Transforming Lives! What covenants with God would you like to make today regarding the message of this devotional?

4. Reflecting on the Christ Follower Principle Pointing People to the Way Home to God, write a prayer about what you want God to do in and through your life, based on this devotional.
– Dr. Sam Bruce, Editor

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