The Gift of Memory

Do this to remember me. – Luke 22:19b

We cannot live without memory.  It enables us to learn and thereby to build relational bonds, to tend to our most basic needs, to protect ourselves from harm, to live in a world of laws, agreements  and interrelationships necessary for survival. There is little which is more painful than to look into the eyes of a loved one or long-time friend, whose memory has been stolen by disease, and see a stranger staring back at you.  It is difficult to watch their lives become so diminished that they quickly seem to disappear from their own lives.

Memory provides us with access-on-demand to past moments of great joy, important milestones and unmistakable errors that would otherwise be lost to the passage of time or painfully repeated again and again.  Albert Einstein famously said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again – an expecting a different result.  Memory gives us the opportunity to review actions and behaviors with “20/20 hind sight” and to make corrections and adjustments that will bring improvements or better outcomes for the future.  It can reduce our regrets and increase our ability to make more positive decisions going forward.

This remarkable miracle planted in our brains by our Creator is not only for our benefit, but for Him.  We have the capacity to recall His love for us, His acts of power and sacrifice, His promises that empower and enrich our lives.  Hundreds of times in the Bible, God says, “remember,” – not as a request, but as a command meant to help us and make our lives better.  Today, science tells us that memory must be engaged and exercised to remain sharp and lasting.  God told us this very thing long, long ago.

Use His incredible gift – Remember!

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