America the Beautiful

lady_liberty_at_night.gifYour fame soon spread throughout the world because of your beauty. I dressed you in my splendor and perfected your beauty, says the Sovereign Lord. – Ezekiel 16:14

America is not only the land of the free and home of the brave, it is also America the beautiful.  In one glorious country, we have majestic snow-capped mountains, bountiful prairies, soaring forests, ancient canyon grandeur, as well as, coastal cliffs and sunny beaches. All this beauty is a reflection of our God, who is the Author, the Creator, and the Source of all beauty.

Some beautiful things can be fragile and fleeting: a moment of light on a spider’s web, the song of a Nightingale, the smile of a child.  However, the most beautiful gifts of God are often remarkably strong, born of pain and struggle.  The butterfly must free itself of the sealed cocoon.  The rainbow only emerges from amidst the storm. A forest must burn to renew its growth.  The spirit of a nation rises and stands strongest in adversity.

Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder, but in the origin of its creation and the value it brings to our lives.  We are indeed blessed when we make ourselves beautiful in God’s eyes.

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