Our Strong Tower

578484_413517488709909_88262815_n.jpgFor you have been my refuge, a strong tower against the foe. – Psalm 61:3

9/11 – We are all remembering today; where we were, what we thought, how that morning changed our lives.  Let us, however, NOT remember today that which caused that tragedy: hate, excuses, misplaced pride and contempt lest it diminish the memory of innocents lost, loved ones taken, broken families, damaged bodies and spirits that have yet to heal.

We will remember those who were in the towers and planes, starting their day perhaps much like any other, caught in an unimaginable crisis – who might have been us, could have easily been our loved ones. How would we have acted, what would our last moments have held? We grieve their loss and pray for their families and friends who remain and go on.

We will never forget those who, while others were running to safety, were running in – not unaware, not unafraid – but knowingly willing to sacrifice their lives for others.  We will never forget the dust covered fire fighters and police officers who stood dazed as they realized that they suddenly had fallen comrades among they injured, missing, gone.

Thro283053_10151242003770097_1956886570_n.jpgugh the pain, despair, and disbelief we remember how our divisions melted away that day. How we found one heart, one voice, one hand – even for just a moment in time – so that we could see how much alike we are, how small we are, how humble perhaps we should be.

The mighty towers fell taking so much with them that day.  Yet we remember that we have a “Strong Tower” that will never fall, that will be our refuge, that will stand against all hate, all powers and all threats.  Our God will stand.  Let us remember.

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