…who satisfies you with good so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.  – Psalm 103:5

The past has a strong influence on who we are today.  We can dwell in it, curse it, let it ruin our tomorrow, or build on it as a powerful foundation.  We can view it as a mosaic of beautiful, broken chips of color, pain, and precious memories.  It is all those things, it is a part of us.

For those whose journey has taken many years, the tapestry of their lives are very long, intricate in detail, heavy in multilayers, not easily torn and valued for its enduring qualities.  Even as God instituted the New Covenant as a fresh interpretation of His will and His word, He did not erase the past, negate its value or dilute its strength – He renewed it.

We honor our past, our elders, our pioneers of the faith and the Church.  May we celebrate those on whose shoulders we stand and be grateful that they blazed a path for us to follow.

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