In the Shepherd’s Presence

lamb.jpgI am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd lays down His life for the sheep. – John 10:11

In the presence of the Shepherd, the flock has nothing to fear.  Twenty-four hours a day, never out of His sight or beyond His senses. His voice comforts them, His song draws them to His side. His face is familiar.  His scent permeates the air around them so that even when He cannot be seen, they know He is near.

It is only when they wander away from Him, distracted by greener grass and tricked by sweeter sounds, that they can be separated from His care.  While they are lost, tired, hurting, alone, the Shepherd never stops searching for them, whatever the obstacle or danger that stands in the way.  He surrounds them in His arms and carries them home on His shoulders – safe.

In His presence there is contentment, freedom  and peace.

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