Resisting Resentment

One day, after Hannah had something to eat and drink in Shiloh, she got up. Though she was resentful, she prayed to the Lord while she cried. -1 Samuel 1:9-10

Some would say Hannah  “had a right” to be resentful.  She had no children – considered a curse of God in her time.  Bullied and tormented in her own home, misunderstood even in the temple, she was degraded and depressed.  By holding her resentments she punished no one but herself, as it can be draining, debilitating,  and destructive.  Not eating, her physical self would have been declining, opening the door to growing weakness and disease.

But, to her credit,  even in such a state, Hannah got up.  She knew that only God could change her life, and though her resentment was as present as ever, she prayed through her tears, taking her pain to where relief could be found.  Our God is big enough to hear our arguments and indictments, to shoulder our complaints and release our self-inflicted burdens. Bitterness ruins God’s recipe for a happy, healthy life.

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