Habits of the Heart: Make Peace

…and thus you shall say, ‘Have a long life, peace be to you, and peace be to your house, and peace be to all that you have. – 1 Samuel 25:6

A “habit” is an acquired behavior, regularly practiced until it becomes almost involuntary, like looking both ways before crossing the street.  Habits can help us or hurt us, consistently producing  the right results or continually damaging our health, our relationships, or our lives.  Habits don’t happen to us, we make them.  We open the door, let them come in and make themselves at home, but we have the power to choose which behaviors take hold through deliberate decision and perpetual practice.

We can develop habits of the heart which bring peace in our lives by focusing on empathy for others, prioritizing that which is most important and building relationships that last.  Habits that bring peace pay off in prosperity, happy families and healthier living.

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