Go Light Your World: This Little Light of Mine

You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. -Matthew 5:14

How bright is your light?  Jesus was clear that His love, His life, when living in us is literally a beacon that shines in our eyes, through our actions, by our words and attitudes.  Mysterious to some, but unmistakably present.

So, how bright is your light? Is it a blazing bond fire that can be seen day or night from space? Or is it a match flame, small and fleeting? Even a candle in a window can light someone’s way home, can disperse darkness and dispense fear. The thing about light is that it can always grow no matter how small it’s beginning.  It only takes an infusion of power, a bit of fuel, for a tiny spark to burst into a blaze, a flash over consuming the old us, revealing a laser beam that points to the Father of all Light.

God will provide the power.  You can shine.

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