I have seen all the works which have been done under the sun, and behold, all is vanity and striving after wind. – Ecclesiastes 1:14 (NASB)

Extensive studies in the workplace have shown that employees who have clear purpose in their work and understand how their job is important to the success of the company are by far the most satisfied in their jobs and the most productive. Perhaps this is why so many people see their jobs as the focus of their lives- there is comfort and excitement in purpose.  Unfortunately, the rest of their lives may suffer and be less successful – family, relationships, finances – because these seem to have less direction, blurry lines, and undefined focus.

We all need a greater, overall purpose in our lives, not just our jobs.  In a big, complex world where we can feel small and insignificant, it takes an omnipotent God to supply a purpose greater than ourselves wherein we can see how important we are as individuals to His clear, unambiguous plan for the world.

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