Living Pains

Jesus said unto him, rise, take up thy bed, and walk. – John 5:8 (KJV)

Life happens to all of us – the good, the bad and most certainly the ugly.  Why? In our creation we were granted free will by a God that desires our love not our mindless devotion.  That decision has allowed us to make our own choices – including bad ones.

There are consequences to every action, every innovation, every word that is spoken.  We suffer from not only our mistakes, but the mistakes of others, whether directly or indirectly, made today or centuries ago that continue to effect generation after generation.

Christians are never promised a perfect, pain-free life, no one is, but we are assured that we will not face life’s challenges alone or without reward.  It is in these times that we find the strength of our character, the depth of our compassion, the measure of our faith. It rains on the just and the unjust alike (Matthew 5:45), but we are watered to grow, not left to drown.

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