Foriegn to Whom?

“He seems to be advocating foreign gods.” They said this because Paul was preaching the good news about Jesus…  -Acts 17:18b (NIV)

While not intentional, we often use lingo, slogans and gestures that befuddle “outsiders” to the Christianity club. Many of us raised in the Church, see the world through different lenses and filters than those who are not.  Is it really a mystery why so many find us to be the strange and misguided ones? Of the seven billion inhabitants of our world, only around three billion are believed to be Christian – and even among these, most of us don’t agree on what it means to follow Christ.  When we share our faith, don’t forget, we indeed may be the ones advocating a foreign God –  we don’t have to be in another country, today the Word is likely to be alien to our own neighbors next door. Let’s take off our Christian colored glasses and see ourselves through the eyes of the un-churched and the unsaved. May we use the language of love and gestures of humility that might broaden our borders, inviting outsiders to the inside so that they can experience God for themselves with an open mind and heart.

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